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Meet the AMAC Accessibility Movers and Changers

Kare Romanski

Kare Romanski

ICT Accessibility Compliance Director

As AMAC’s ICT Accessibility Compliance Director, Kare Romanski serves as a nationally recognized expert in the field of accessibility and will be leading our compliance and training initiatives. Kare, comes from a unique and diverse background as a scholarship musician, audio engineer, national ski patroller with a specialized medical background in acute care and physical rehabilitation. Kare’s career perspective drastically changed in 1995 when she was diagnosed with a rare spinal disease after becoming an incomplete quadriplegic. With determination, she became a self-trained, award winning IT professional for Startups and Fortune 100 companies. Respected for focusing on development, user experience, human factors, and her passion for accessibility, Kare was responsible for networking and driving accessibility for Western Maine schools and public libraries. She helped expand a digital communications network for people with disabilities and their families and volunteered her expertise to create customized computer systems with early speech to text capabilities. She teaches various accessibility topics by roles that include accessibility, quality assurance testing, assistive technologies, usability, design, progressive development and enhancement. Kare is also a certified dog trainer, animal welfare activist, an executive director of a nonprofit and was even offered her own reality TV show with Animal Planet but says she’d rather be here at GA Tech! In her spare time, she works on assistive technology inventions and volunteers her services to find and train service dogs for Veterans. Interestingly, Kare was adopted by the Lakota Sioux Nation for the work she had done to begin archiving medicinal information for the Bear Clans of the North American Tribes and was given the name, Matoska (White Bear). She is well respected by many Native American tribes, and was appointed the official carrier of the Bonding of Nation’s Pipe for the Sioux Nation, an honor no one had shared since 1924. Kare has dedicated her career to overcoming obstacles and breaking down barriers by expanding the breadth of accessibility best practices for all users and devices.