AMAC is the one organization
integrating a full range of
technology and services into
easy, timely, cost-effective
accessibility solutions that
really work.

Tessa Greenleaf
Martha Rust displaying assistive technology keyboard
Guy Toles displaying braille
Making tactile graphic
Dawn Evans
Captioning student in front of school

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Meet the AMAC Accessibility Movers and Changers

Caiti Maloney

Caiti Maloney

Special Projects Coordinator

Caiti has lived in Chicago, Asheville, Boston, New York City, London, and Atlanta. She graduated from Boston College in 2010 and has since worked in theatre, museum exhibition production, film production, and with live events. She was the Exhibitions Coordinator at BASE Entertainment during the production of Sea Monsters Revealed and the revamp of SPY: the Secret World of Espionage, and has worked from being a PA to an AP on television, film, and documentaries since moving to Georgia. It's rare that she ever has fewer than 3 jobs at the same time, but she's excited to focus her talents here at AMAC as a Special Projects Coordinator.