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AMAC Accessibility Memberships

AMAC accessibility services can be accessed by becoming an AMAC member.

We offer a range of membership levels, each designed to meet the particular accessibility needs of different types of organizations.

AMAC Accessibility users and members are located throughout the country.

AMAC Accessibility Membership Levels

There are five AMAC Accessibility membership levels:

  • The Basic and Deluxe memberships are designed for post-secondary institutions.
  • The Corporate, Government, and Non-Profit (CGN) memberships are designed to support companies and organizations in their efforts to accommodate employees, clients, and customers with disabilities.
  • The Georgia Board of Regents (BOR) post-secondary membership is designed specifically for institutions, departments and affiliates within the University System of Georgia.
  • The Assistive Technology (AT) membership is designed for individuals who are not part of an organization and only require AT evaluation services.

View a Membership Comparison Chart on the AMAC Wiki

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To become an AMAC member, please complete our online membership form or contact us directly at (866) 279-2964.

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